Highly concentrated face serum with high quality ingredients such as Rose Stemcell, Arburtin, Hyaluronic Acid that helps nourishing the skin, regenerateing new healthy cells, preparing damage skin cells, brigheting up overall skintone and evening out discolorations.


Main Ingredients Benefits:


1. Rose Stemcell: Rich in rose stem cell actives to form strong skin barrier Helps to protect skin against environment stresses Boosting youth, healthiness and vitality to skin.


2. Arbutin: Arbutin may be made synthetically or derived from bearberry (uva-ursi) plant or other plants and exhibits antioxidant activity. Most notably, arbutin has an increasing amount of research attesting to its effectiveness for brightening an uneven skin tone. Research has shown the synthetic version, chemically known as deoxyarbutin, is more effective for brightening than the natural derivative. Because arbutin works by breaking down into hydroquinone, it also has merit for improving the appearance of dark spots due to unprotected sun exposure or bodily changes such as can occur during pregnancy or due to other factors. It can be considered an alternative to hydroquinone for those whose skin may be unable to tolerate this lightening ingredient in much the same way that some people’s skin can tolerate cosmetic retinol but not retinoids from the pharmacy.


3. Hyaluronic Acid: Everyone’s skin can benefit from Hyaluronic Acid. This major component of skin is responsible for holding in moisture, aiding in tissue repair, holding the skins natural collagen and elastin together, and helping to create a protective barrier against the external environment. The loss of natural Hyaluronic Acid is one of the earliest causes of wrinkles. By replacing the lost natural Hyaluronic Acid, skin appears instantly supple and more youthful.

FACE ESSENCE - フェイスエッセンス

SKU: MR014
    • Highly concentrated face essence with pure, highest quality ingredients: Rose Stemcell, Arburtin, Hyaluronic Acid.
    • Helps nourish your skin from inside out, regenerate new healthy cells, repair damange skin signs.
    • Brightens up your skin, evens out skin tone, recommended for those with hyperpigmentation problems.
    • Plumps up your skin with healthy glow, your skin will be visibly firmer and healthier.

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